Prak's Portfolio

I specialize in finding solutions for highly challenging product design problems such as:
  • first-of-its-kind high-risk software as medical devices,
  • VUI/AR/VR/Machine Learning experience for healthcare,
  • unconventional NFC/Bluetooth interaction between devices and mobile phones,
  • application design for people with down syndrome & autism,
  • digital product solutions that work for the institution literally located at the bottom of the grand canyon,
  • redesign an IT admin experience that impacted 90% of Fortune 500 companies, and more.

  • Due to confidential nature of some projects below, login/password will be provided upon request. It can also be found at the top of my resume.
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    Novo Nordisk

    UX Strategies, R&D Design, Prototype

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    Novo Nordisk

    Software as a Medical Device UX/UI

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    Skype for Business

    UX Strategies, Product, Visual, Interaction Design

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    Microsoft Teams

    Visual Assets Realignment

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    University of Washington

    Early Education Team App Design, Project Management

    University of Washington

    Marketing, Branding, Event Design

    ECLKC —

    UX Research, Web Design, Interaction Design


    UX/UI Design, Frontend Development


    ArtCloud API Integration, Javascript

    Just Watch Me

    Full-service Marketing Campaign

    Vertical Campus

    Marketing Campaign Collaterals Design

    Chicago College of Performing Art

    Rebranding, Marketing Strategies

    Beginning Teacher Guide

    eLearning Platform

    Email Design

    Responsive Email Design

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